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2018/19 Sprintcar King of Cromwell & Ron Spriggs Memorial Demo Derby (Easter Sunday)

Date: 21/04/19
Time: 4pm (Gates Open @ 2pm )

What better finale for the 2018/19 season at Central Otago's speedway than deciding the 2018/19 Sprintcar King of Cromwell and then to celebrate the memory of Ron Spriggs who in 1980 all but single-handly built Central Motor Speedway the annual Demolition Derby where a  whole lot of 'passed their us-by date' cars meet a steaming, crumpled end. This last car running tournament is a huge crowd pleaser, especially among young families. As for the drivers, they have a smashing time.  For anyone prone to road rage entering an old dunga in this derby would seem to be a lifetime cure. Before they start biffing each other, cars competing in the demo derby have in fact gone through quite a process that includes chaining or welding shut doors, removing all glass and accessories, fitting a four or five point harness seat belt and installing a substantial roll bar.  

Racing starts at 4pm but to grab a parking spot around the track take advantage of gates opening at 2pm. While waiting for racing, use the time to visit the pits (children must be accompanied by an adult) to meet drivers, their crews and also collect free posters.

Before the track becomes littered with body panels and auto parts there's proper, fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping, mud-kicking speedway entertainment with all classes racing ... winged demon Sprintcars, methanol gulping Super Saloons, speedy Saloons, surprisingly fast V6 powered open wheeler Six Shooters, racy Productions, 1200cc Youth Ministocks driven with skill and gusto by 12 to 16 year olds and motorcyle engine modifed sprints that scream around the track at only a couple of seconds slower than their big brother sprintcars.