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Blossom Festival Parade & Burnout Comp

Date: 28/09/19
Time: 4.30pm track action (Gates Open @ 4pm )


Hold the brake down, put the manual or auto transmission into the lowest gear. Now plant the accelerator and gently take pressure off the brakes. If you’ve got it right and there’s power enough upfront, you’ll be spinning your drive wheels to the delight of spectators at Heavy Central Motor Speedway in Cromwell on Saturday night (Sept 28) from 4pm.

After the enthusiastic response last year by crowds lining Alexandra's Centennial Parade to speedway cars in the annual Blossom Festival Parade, we're there again this year. And as we did last year we're adding to Blossom Festival entertainment options with the invitation to come along to the speedway in Sandflat Road, Cromwell (Off Highway 6 at the Highlands Motorsport corner), for a Screeching Hot Burnout Competition plus cars zooming around the track and the chance to get close up with drivers and teams in the pits.

“You could say that while the Blossom Festival is mostly about petals, this is pedals to the metal entertainment,” says speedway promoter Jason Scott. “We’ve been especially careful not to get in the way of the official Blossom Festival programme by starting racing at 4.00pm with the burnout at around 7pm.

“It’s quite a tradition for car lovers to make an annual pilgrimage to the Blossom Festival. Rather than use Alexandra roads to show off their mint 1973 Holden repowered with a Chevy short block V8 and risk being slapped with a fine and loss of license for more than two seconds of ‘sustained loss of traction’, surely it’s much better to spin their wheels on the skid pan at Heavy Trax Hire Central Motor Speedway. An added incentive is the $1000 dollar prize money. We’re pretty much open to any vehicle from specialised burnout cars through hot rods, classic American and Aussie sixes and V8’s to modern cars. Entry form is on the Downloads page of this website (if it's not, it should be). Print off and hand in on the night.

“We know from previous burnouts that high revving cars engulfed in smoke that with some cars changes colour is a huge crowd pleaser for all ages and with sprintcars, six-shooters, super saloons, saloons, productions and youth-ministocks out on the Cromwell clay blowing away cobwebs after their winter break, Saturday’s going to be a fun evening. We see this as a great opportunity for anyone who has never been to Heavy Trax Hire Central Motor Speedway to see what we are all about and why this is ‘Central Otago’s Fastest Family Show on Earth’. We’re keen for people, and especially families, to come into the pits to check out the race cars and meet some of the drivers and crews. Who knows, you may even get to sit in the cockpit."