Super Saloons 2017/18 Vertex Super Cup (round)

Date: 27/01/18
Time: 5.30pm (Gates Open @ 3.30pm )

The Beasts of Speedway are back at Heavy Trax Hire Central Motor Speedway on Saturday, Jan 27 gulping down methanol, spitting out flames and getting the fans on their feet, especially with the calibre of the more than 20 drivers competing in round four of this seven meeting series that includes Cromwell ‘t’ drivers Daryl Ainsley (5t), Paul Wright (12t) and Ray Stewart (34t). Former 1NZ Pete Dickson (11e) will also be scorching the Cromwell clay as will his boss and former ‘t’ driver, Shane McIntyre (26e).

Fibreglass body panels give Super Saloons 'the look' of iconic Chev and Ford Muscle Cars, but these are highly sophisticated race cars with complex space frame chassis, full race V8's and all manner of other specialised parts, almost all imported from the USA. Understandably these cars don't come cheap ranging from around $70,000 upwards.

Speedway is all about having something for every fan. Saturday, Jan 27 no exception. Remember, racing starts at 5.30pm with gates open at 3.30.

Saloons will also be making their presence felt. Sharing the same 'aircraft carrier' dimensions as Super Saloons, Saloons are slightly down in horsepower but definitely don't lack the excitement factor.

With their Commodore V6 engines, Six Shooters, aka Wingless Sprintcars, are surprisingly quick at getting around Cromwell's 500m avocado-shaped track. Just think how easy it is to get a speeding ticket in a Commodore car to appreciate how fast these open wheelers can go.

Their fate will ultimately be the wreckers yard, but until that day, the reprieve for family cars like Subaru's, Honda's and Mitsubishi's is to be stripped out and enthusiastically raced as Productions.

Rounding out the support classes is Youth Ministocks, one of the most important in terms of encouraging young driver participation in speedway. It's quite amazing that behind the wheel of these 1200cc miniature stock cars slithering and sliding around the track, and occasionally making contact, are 12 to 16 year old boys and girls.

The Vertex brand has a rich history in New Zealand motorsport. Vertex Lubricants have long been the fluids choice for many champions and championship on the clay and hard tracks. Vertex sponsorship of Super Saloons is not only valued but shows how over recent seasons this class has grown to become one of speedway's most popular among drivers and spectators.

At the Vertex promotions trailer race fans can buy all things Vertex from lubricants to Vertex Super Cup t-shirts.