Peter Dickson's bold move to build his own car and have a crack at the beasts of speedway

Peter Dickson's bold move to build his own car and have a crack at the beasts of speedway, Super Saloon racing, has resulted in him living his dream.

In April last year the Cromwell-based driver started to build his own car from scratch to compete in the 2017 New Zealand Super Saloons Championships.

The season before Dickson finished second in the next tier below - the saloons - and was ready for a step up.

During the day he worked on cars through his job as part of the Hypermac Racing team, before his nights were also spent in the workshop putting his current car together.

"I did it after hours. I worked during the day and then at night I worked on my own car, and every single weekend I worked on my own car.

"It took its toll, but it kept the cost down quite a bit."

Dickson started the project in April and by the end of September it was complete.

Fast-forward the clock to the New Zealand Super Saloon Championships in Cromwell last weekend and those hours and late nights in the workshop paid off.

Dickson won the title and now proudly has the 1NZ champion tag in full view on the side of the car he built from scratch.

"I just thought it was a dream racing Super Saloons and then it became a reality. Now I'm No 1 with the 1NZ on the side of my car," he said.

The focus for Dickson has quickly turned to this weekend (Jan 14, 2017), where he is hoping for another win in the New Zealand Super Saloon Grand Prix at Riverside Speedway, near Invercargill.

He is eager to back up his stellar performance in Cromwell, but there is added incentive for him on Saturday.

While the 28-year-old now lives in Cromwell, he still regards Invercargill as home.

He has fond memories watching the action at Riverside Speedway as a kid and being on hand as many of his family competed at the track.

"I started out in a class there called modified sprints and did it for a season and a half.

"I've spent a wee bit of time there. I don't know if it is going to give me any huge advantage though."

More than 20 cars are expected to take part in the New Zealand Super Saloon Grand Prix on Saturday.

The Invercargill public will get a chance to see the cars up close on Friday.

The cars will be on display at the Gala St Reserve from noon.

They will then cruise through the Invercargill CBD from 3pm.

Saturday's action at Riverside will start at 5pm.


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Comments about the Mainfreight 2016-17 New Zealand Super Saloon Champs hosted by the Central Motor Speedway Club 

On the basis of "effort equals results" Cromwell Motor Speedway certainly got the result. Overall this is probably the best NZ Championship I have been to - and have been to plenty. The club bought into the whole concept that this sport is "entertainment" and with a fabulous racetrack for the whole weekend, there was racing all over the track and especially exciting to watch cars racing so close to the wall. Excellent commentators and a format which saw the cream rise to the top. Having the teams with their cars on the infield, driver introductions and the national anthem really engaged the crowd. The feature race style format should be the only way to run a NZ title in the future in my opinion. Everyone still had a chance and everyone could leave the track knowing who won the race. Congratulations to the club, committee, volunteers and sponsors - TOP EFFORT!! - I hope other clubs take note of the success of this meeting, and realise that some of the things that were done differently did not cost a lot of money. The commodity was there (the quantity and quality of the field) - it is up how to you use it - and this club used it very well!! John Lovelady



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