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Youth Ministocks

  1. Adam Evans
  2. Brad Evans
  3. Lucas Erskine



  1. Geoff Friend
  2. Kelvin Lott
  3. Sabrina Bain


Six Shooters                        

  1. Brody Cunningham
  2. Josh Buchanan
  3. Shaun Couper



  1. Barry Taylor
  2. Ivan Murdoch
  3. Graham Williamson


Super Saloons                    

  1. Ray Stewart
  2. Daryl Ainsley
  3. Peter Dickson



  1. Sam O’Callaghan
  2. Jason Scott
  3. Mark Evans



Youth Ministocks

  1. Jack Cleveland
  2. Cody Finch
  3. (equal) Adam Evans/Ben Smart



  1. Flip How-Johns
  2. Tam Clements
  3. Geoff Friend


Six Shooters                         

  1. Brody Cunningham
  2. Josh Buchanan
  3. Jim Martin



  1. Euan Shearing
  2. (equal) Graham Williamson/Barry Taylor


Super Saloons                    

  1. Daryl Ainsley
  2. Ray Stewart
  3. Craig Phillips



  1. Jason Scott
  2. Sam O’Callaghan
  3. Andy Erskine



X-Factor Racing Presentation to

Peter Dickson 1NZ Super Saloons

Shane McIntyre 3NZ Super Saloons

Daniel Anderson 2017 SI Sprintcar Champ


Central Motor Speedway Life Membership Award

Brian Ewings (better known to all as Squeak)


Central Otago Productions Champ

Flip How-Johns


Youth Ministocks Other Awards

Bested Presented

Finalists… Jack Cleveland, Adam Evans, Lucas Erskine

Winner:           Jack Cleveland

Most Improved

Finalists… Lucas Erskine, Jack Cleveland, Brad Evans, Josh Evans, Antonia Edmonds

Winner:           Josh Evans

Most Consistent

Finalists… Adam Evans, Jack Cleveland, Brad Evans, Lucas Erskine

Winner:           Brad Evans

Clerk of the Course Standout Youth Driver

Finalists… Lucas Erskine, Jack Cleveland, Brad Evans, Josh Evans, Antonia Edmonds, Adam Evans

Winner:           Lucas Erskine

Club Youth Driver of the Year

Adam Evans

Best Youth Driver Attitude

Antonia Edmonds


All Classes Best Roll Over of the 2016/17 Season

Finalists… Barry Taylor, Pierre Leyser, Ivan Murdoch, Josh Evans

Winner: Pierre Leyser


Ladies Race

Leanne McKinley


All Classes Best Presented Club Car

Finalists… Ray Stewart, Graham Williamson, Paul Wright & Peter Dickson (Mainfreight Team), Ivan Murdoch

Winner: Ray Stewart


All Classes Most Improved Driver

Finalists… Ray Stewart, Graham Williamson, Josh Evans, Barry Taylor, James Martin, Paul Wright

Winner: Barry Taylor


All Classes Hard Luck Award

Finalists… Daryl Ainsley, Phil Burgess, Graham Williamson, Jack Cleveland, Josh Buchanan, Sam O’Callaghan, Pierre Leyser, Brooke Helms

Winner: Graham Williamson


All Classes Rookie of the Year

Shaun Couper


Cunningham Family Trophy Sportsmanship Award

Josh Buchanan


Ainsley Family Trophy Friendliest Club Person(s)

Cindy Weir and Kate Williamson


Reddy Family Trophy Services to the Club

Ray Stewart


Brian Scott Motors Sportsperson of the Year

Graham Williamson


Erskine Family Trophy President’s Choice

Ray Buchanan


Central Motor Speedway Competitor of the Year

Peter Dickson





'EVE OF DESTRUCTION' DEMOLITION DERBY 2017, SATURDAY MARCH 18 (scroll down for editorial)


Demolition Derby

Winner: Whetu Taewa

Second: Megan Kelly



1st    Jason Scott (88t)

2nd   Sam O'callaghan (49t)

3rd   Andy Erskine (91t)


Six Shooters

1st    Brody Cunningham (11t)

2nd   Jack Brown (57i)

3rd   Finn Cleveland (8t)


Super Saloons 

1st   Ray Stewart (34t)

2nd  Paul Wright (12t)

3rd  Pete Dickson (1NZ) 



1st   Barry Taylor (28t)

2nd  Camdon Crack (17i)



1st   Geoff Friend (11t)

2nd  Robert 'Joppy' Jopson (99t)

3rd   Des McTaggart (52t)


Youth Ministocks

1st    Brad Evans (33t)

2nd   Adam Evans  (28t)

3rd   Lucas Erskine (91t)



The promise for Otago Anniversary Weekend Saturday night at Cromwell’s Heavy Trax Hire Central Motor Speedway was an ‘Eve of Destruction’. Few, if any, of the big turnout of spectators would have gone home disappointed. Destruction in fact started from the get-go with a number of non-injury prangs during races leading up to the highly anticipated Demolition Derby.

In her first season in Six Shooters, 17-year-old Georgia Gordon from Invercargill provided the night’s heart-stopping moment with a high flying flip. Although the front of 99i looked a sorry sight we are told it was repaired in time for Georgia to compete at Riverside Speedway on Sunday afternoon. There was also plenty of accidental car contact in the combined Super Saloons and Saloon field. Always guaranteed to the thrill, the Sprintcar heats and 20 lap feature race showed that although pushed hard by his nephew Sam O’Callaghan (49t) and fellow young gun, Christchurch-based Steve Duff Jnr (15t), current Sprintcar King of Cromwell, Jason Scott, is definitely back on form. In Productions Geoff Friend continued his winning ways while Youth Ministocks showed why this is such a popular entry level for future speedway stars.

Earlier in the evening there was a taster of sorts when the 24 demolition derby cars had a short, non-contact race for drivers to familiarise themselves with the track. At around the scheduled start time of 8.20pm the young of age and young at heart crowded the safety fence for the main event. This time it was to be no holds barred, full on contact racing.

While it didn’t take long for most of the field to look like snub-nose, steam-belching bulldogs, these modern day gladiators at the wheel provided close to half an hour’s smashing entertainment. In the end it became a metal-crunching duel to the mechanical death between The Brew House Team mates Megan Kelly and Whetu Taewa. Not only was this female versus male it was also Japan versus Germany with mother of two Megan in a Mitsubishi Lancer and Whetu driving a BMW 3 series. Despite claims of Japanese motors having it over those from Europe, Germany won the day with Whetu’s car chugging to a stop a few seconds after first time demolition derby competitor Megan’s had given up the ghost.   

As a follow up to the father and son entry that made the front page of the Cromwell Bulletin, six year old Jonti had to watch his father pull out fairly early in the tournament after a car clipped the rear of the car. Mark believes the impact either smashed the fuel pump or damaged the fuel line as the car basically conked out. After the race Jonti was keen to take the car home for Mark and he to repair but in the cold light of Sunday, changed his mind deciding the Hyundai Lantra was in a terrible way. Remarkably the wiper motors still worked.       

Racing at Cromwell’s speedway goes from fun to serious with two full on Easter meetings that on Good Friday will decide the $60,000 2016-17 Hydraulink Sprintcar War of the Wings winner and on Easter Sunday, the 2016-17 South Island Sprintcar Title decider. Among support classes will be Easter and other championships. Gates open at 2pm with racing starting at 4pm.   




VERTEX SUPER CUP ROUNDS 3 & 4, SAT, FEB 4 & FEB 5 Plus Class Results (scroll down for editorial)


Vertex Super Cup Round 3

1st   Shane McIntyre (3NZ)

2nd  Peter Dickson (1NZ)

3rd   Kane Lawson (6c)


Vertex Super Cup Round 4

1st   Peter Dickson (1NZ)

2nd  Ray Stewart (34t)

3rd  Mark Grocott (73c) 


Vertex Super Cup Standings after Round 4


1st   Richie Taylor (2NZ)

2nd  Ray Stewart (34t)

3rd  Peter Dickson (1NZ)



1st    Sam O'Callaghan (49t)

2nd   Mark Evans (98t)

3rd    Andy Erskine (91t)



1st     Euan Shearing (69i)

2nd    Graham Williamson (21t)

3rd    Camdon Crack (17i)  


Six Shooters

1st     Brody Cunningham (11t)

2nd    Jim Martin (9t)

3rd    Finn Cleveland (8t)



1st     Geoff Friend (11t)

2nd    Tony Creighton (58d)

3rd     Des McTaggart (55t)


Youth Ministocks

1st      Adam Evans (28t)

2nd     Ben Smart (58d)

3rd     Lucas Erskine (91t) 




It was the Super Saloon face-off that delivered all it was supposed to, and then some. It’s an odds on bet the majority of spectators at Saturday night’s Round 3 of the Vertex Super Cup at Heavy Trax Hire Central Motor Speedway were hoping for a rematch of the recent Mainfreight 2016-17 New Zealand Super Saloon Champs final where Cromwell local Pete Dickson was first to take the chequer flag ahead of his former boss, Cromwell contracted Shane McIntyre of Hypermac Racing who was literally pipped at the post for second place by Cantabrian Richie Taylor.

After six heats and a pole shuffle hopes were realised for a Champs re-run, Peter and Shane on grids one and two of the feature race. In a case of Déjà Vu -- or should that be Vu Déjà? -- roles were reversed right from the green flag with Shane in NZ3 getting the jump on 1NZ Pete who spent all of the fast and furious 30 laps nipping at Shane’s rear tyres. 3NZ first, 1NZ second and a good few car lengths back, Kane Lawson in 6c third.

In Sunday’s Round 4 of the Vertex Super Cup, the Super Saloons again provided plenty of clay hurling, flame spitting excitement throughout the heats and pole shuffle. The Vertex is a points based series where one strategy to gain bonus points is for pole sitters to elect to start at the back of the field. So there they were at the start of the 30 lap feature race, Pete Dickson and fellow Cromwell contract driver Ray Stewart at the back of the 18 or so racecar pack.

Heavy Trax Hire Central Motor Speedway official photographer Mark Mexted reports that both Pete and Ray gathered up a lot bonus passing points to achieve finishes near the pointy end. This is confirmed on the Vertex Super Cup website where on Sunday Pete was first on points followed by Ray. The unofficial points count after four rounds is Richie Taylor first, Ray Stewart second and Pete Dickson third – great to see four Cromwell ‘t’ drivers in the top 10. The Vertex Super Cup podium finishers will be decided at Nelson Speedway over Rounds 5 & 6 on Friday, March 10 and Saturday, March 11.

In other classes, fans got their money’s worth both nights with some excellent racing. In the Saloons it was great to see Central Motor Speedway’s ‘Baby Boomer’ driver Russell Erskine race hard and fast. From recollection in one heat on Saturday night a little tap sent Russell over the finish line going backwards. In another case of Déjà Vu, Ivan Murdoch on Sunday repeated his wall drive and roll over of several seasons ago. The saloons result for the weekend was 1st, Euan Shearing (69i), 2nd Graham Williamson (21t) and 3rd Camdon Crack (17i).

In Six Shooters the ladies gave the blokes something to think about and in the Sprintcars it was great to watch former Central Motor Speedway Club president Andy Erskine shake off the rust after a welcome return to the track. Productions and Youth Ministocks also kept the crowd well entertained.

The next meeting is on Saturday, March 18 (Otago Anniversary Weekend) with an all-time family favourite, the annual demolition derby. That gives potential competitors a good few weeks to prepare their cars for carnage. Gates open at 3pm, racing starts at 5pm. Modified Sprints will be making a welcome guest appearance.



MAINFREIGHT 2016-17 NEW ZEALAND SUPER SALOON AND SUPPORT CLASSES RESULTS (scroll down for editorial courtesy Stuff)


Mainfreight 2016-17 New Zealand Super Saloon Championship

1st     Peter Dickson (11t)

2nd    Richie Taylor (58c)

3rd    Shane McIntyre (26t)


Productions 'Best Pairs" run over Jan 6 & 7

1st    Whetu Taew(99t) & Corey McQuillan

2nd   Kelvin Lott (74t) & Dylan How-Johns (26t)

3rd   Geoff Friend (11t) & Sonny Mokomoko (66t)


Six Shooters (Raced Jan 6 only)

1st equal   Brody Cunningham (11t)/ Josh Buchanan (43t)

3rd   Jack Brown (57i)



Youth Ministocks (Raced Jan 6 & &)

1st    Adam Evans (28t)

2nd   Ben Smart (58d) 

3rd    Brad Evans (33t)

Driver of the Two Nights: Marcus Scott (13d)


Cromwell-based Peter Dickson with his Super Saloon car which sports the 1NZ tag after he won the New Zealand Super ...

Cromwell-based Peter Dickson with his Super Saloon car which sports the 1NZ tag after he won the New Zealand Super Saloon Championships.

Peter Dickson's bold move to build his own car and have a crack at the beasts of speedway, Super Saloon racing, has resulted in him living his dream.

In April last year the Cromwell-based driver started to build his own car from scratch to compete in the 2017 New Zealand Super Saloons Championships.

The season before Dickson finished second in the next tier below - the saloons - and was ready for a step up.

During the day he worked on cars through his job as part of the Hypermac Racing team, before his nights were also spent in the workshop putting his current car together.

"I did it after hours. I worked during the day and then at night I worked on my own car, and every single weekend I worked on my own car.

"It took its toll, but it kept the cost down quite a bit."

Dickson started the project in April and by the end of September it was complete.

Fast-forward the clock to the New Zealand Super Saloon Championships in Cromwell last weekend and those hours and late nights in the workshop paid off.

Dickson won the title and now proudly has the 1NZ champion tag in full view on the side of the car he built from scratch.

"I just thought it was a dream racing Super Saloons and then it became a reality. Now I'm No 1 with the 1NZ on the side of my car," he said.

The focus for Dickson has quickly turned to this weekend (Jan 14, 2017), where he is hoping for another win in the New Zealand Super Saloon Grand Prix at Riverside Speedway, near Invercargill.

He is eager to back up his stellar performance in Cromwell, but there is added incentive for him on Saturday.

While the 28-year-old now lives in Cromwell, he still regards Invercargill as home.

He has fond memories watching the action at Riverside Speedway as a kid and being on hand as many of his family competed at the track.

"I started out in a class there called modified sprints and did it for a season and a half.

"I've spent a wee bit of time there. I don't know if it is going to give me any huge advantage though."

More than 20 cars are expected to take part in the New Zealand Super Saloon Grand Prix on Saturday.

The Invercargill public will get a chance to see the cars up close on Friday.

The cars will be on display at the Gala St Reserve from noon.

They will then cruise through the Invercargill CBD from 3pm.

Saturday's action at Riverside will start at 5pm.


 - Stuff

Comments about the Mainfreight 2016-17 New Zealand Super Saloon Champs hosted by the Central Motor Speedway Club

On the basis of "effort equals results" Cromwell Motor Speedway certainly got the result. Overall this is probably the best NZ Championship I have been to - and have been to plenty. The club bought into the whole concept that this sport is "entertainment" and with a fabulous racetrack for the whole weekend, there was racing all over the track and especially exciting to watch cars racing so close to the wall. Excellent commentators and a format which saw the cream rise to the top. Having the teams with their cars on the infield, driver introductions and the national anthem really engaged the crowd. The feature race style format should be the only way to run a NZ title in the future in my opinion. Everyone still had a chance and everyone could leave the track knowing who won the race. Congratulations to the club, committee, volunteers and sponsors - TOP EFFORT!! - I hope other clubs take note of the success of this meeting, and realise that some of the things that were done differently did not cost a lot of money. The commodity was there (the quantity and quality of the field) - it is up how to you use it - and this club used it very well!! John Lovelady




DECEMBER 30, 2016 and JANUARY 1, 2017 RESULTS (Scroll down for 'Winged Demons Double Shot' report)  


War of the Wings, Rnd 4, Dec 30

1st        Jamie Duff 19t  (2nd in series)

2nd       Luke Keegan  87c (1st in series)

3rd        Matt Honeywell  64c (3rd in series)

2016-17 Sprintcar King of Cromwell, Jan 1

1st        Jason Scott    88t

2nd       Jamie Duff     19t

3rd equal  Kris Gerard 75c & Caleb Brooks 92c


2016-17 Central Otago Productions Champs

1st        Flip How-Johns  65t

2nd       Tam Clements   24i

3rd        Geoff Friend  11t


Saloons Xmas Champs, Dec 30

1st        Barry Taylor  28t

2nd       Graham Williamson  21t

3rd        Dean Shearing  68i


Saloons New Years GP, Jan 1

1st        Graham Williamson    21t

2nd       Barry Taylor  28t

3rd        Ivan Murdoch   7t


Super Saloons New Year’s GP

1st       Peter Dickson  11t

2nd       Richie Taylor  58c

3rd        Daryl Ainsley


Six Shooters Xmas/New Year’s Day Champs

1st (by one point)  Josh Buchanan    43t

2nd Gene Spooner   37c

3rd Peter Keith


Youth Ministocks Xmas/New Year’s Champs

1st        Adam Evans  28t

2nd       Lilly Anderson   15d

3rd        Ben Smart     58d

Driver of the Night, Dec 30   Josh Evans  15t

Driver of the Night, Jan 1      Ben Smart  58d



After a good many years reign as the unofficial Sprintcar King of Cromwell, Jason ‘Capt’ Scott with former Central Motor Speedway president Andy Erskine proposed giving a royal seal to the title by having an annual meeting to decide and crown the Sprintcar King of Cromwell. The club committee agreed and the date set for Easter Sunday, 2015. Unfortunately for Jason, the racing didn’t go his way. The inaugural title and crown in fact went all the way to Auckland with Western Springs driver, Jamie McDonald.

New Year’s Day 2017 was chosen for the second running of the Sprintcar King of Cromwell. With Jamie McDonald not venturing south to defend his title would this be the night the crown was placed on the rightful head? The big crowd enjoyed a right battle royal with pretenders like Jamie Duff in 19a prepared to fight tooth and nail to get their hands on that title and crown. With a points format that rewarded pointy end places during the heats and Jamie cruelly poleaxed in the 25 lap feature race by an overheating motor and methanol dripping on his feet, Jason’s second place behind Canterbury’s Kris Gerard was enough for him to fulfil his destiny. All hail King Jason, 2016-17 Sprintcar King of Cromwell.

For regular fans and those new to ‘The fastest family show on earth’, the ‘Winged Demons Double Shot’ delivered in spades. The weather on Friday, December 30 and on Sunday, Jan 1, 2017, could not have been more Central Otago and the track faster. On Friday’s Round 4 25 lap feature race of the Hydraulink 2016-17 Sprintcar War of the Wings, the big crowd witnessed breath-taking high speed joisting among 25 snarling Sprintcars and a lap record smashed by Cromwell contracted driver and former 1NZ Jamie Duff. Official Speedway Control Board showed the 28-year-old had reduced the record from 12.24 seconds to 11.84 seconds. Quite an achievement to add to the fact that of the four Wow rounds so far this series, Jamie has won three.

A big attraction of speedway is the variety of classes racing at every meeting. At the huge horsepower end of the scale, race-goers on Friday night especially were given an exciting, adrenaline-pumping preview of what is in store tonight (Friday, Jan 6) and again tomorrow (Sat, Jan 7) when 46 of the country’s best drivers and cars compete in the Mainfreight 2016-17 Super Saloon Champs.

For anyone not in the know, Super Saloons are the 800 plus horsepower, methanol gulping, flame belching ‘beasts’ of speedway. Long, low and wide, these are big cars needing big wallets to race. Beneath lightweight clip-on fibreglass body panels replicating the style of famous American muscle cars is a sophisticated spaceframe chassis with the motor and all running gear imported from the US. In the cockpit there are some seven set-up and braking adjustments available to the driver to meet the ever changing conditions of the clay track.

Having already thrown down the gauntlet to current Super Saloon 1NZ Mark Osborne earlier in the 2016-17 season and won the Heavy Trax Hire Central Motor Speedway New Year’s GP, Cromwell’s 28-year-old Peter Dickson in the 11t is a man to watch as is Daryl Ainsley in 5t who is obviously not letting his club president responsibilities get in the way of his return to form. But in speedway anything can happen. Although Super Saloons are the main focus other class will also be racing including a contingent of smash ‘em, bash ‘em Superstocks. There’s also plenty of off track entertainment for all ages including a burn out at 5pm on Saturday.

Commodore-powered Six Shooters are going from strength to strength with good fields and close racing by Cromwell, Dunedin and Invercargill drivers over both nights. Youth Ministocks turned up in good numbers with some six Dunedin cars making the trip up to Central. Saloons also put on a great show, but the prize for the most cars racing on both nights has to go to Productions competing in the 2016-17 Central Otago Productions Champs. After lots of laps the honour went to Cromwell local Flip How-Johns.




DECEMBER 3 RESULTS (scroll down for meeting report)


1st  Whetu Taewa (99t)

2nd  Damian Taylor (25t)

3rd   Geoff Friend (11t)



1st Mike Verdoner (25t)

2nd Barry Taylor (28t)

3rd Graham Williamson (21t)


Six Shooters

1st Brody Cunningham (11t)

2nd Jon Pagan (12t)

3rd  Jim Martin (9t)


Youth Ministocks

1st Adam Evans (28t)

2nd Lucas Erskine (91t)

3rd Cody Finch (18d)



For Mark Mexted, who spends most meetings at Heavy Trax Hire Central Motor Speedway perched on top of the water truck tank with camera at the ready, Saturday night’s meeting kept his shutter running red hot.

Of the ‘moments’ he caught on camera (visit facebook.com/mextedphotography), the most serious in terms of concerns about the driver involved young Jayden Frazer in Modified Sprint 36c. As a precaution Jayden was ambulanced to Dunstan Hospital. The good news is he’s okay and no doubt will soon be back in the cockpit.

Another who had an experience he won’t forget in a long time was Cromwell’s Pierre Leyser who even this early in the season looks likely to take out the 2016-17 Roll Over Award. Contact with the wall saw Pierre in saloon 349t execute what spectators estimate was a triple barrel roll.

Competing in the same heat of Round One of the Cleanways 2003 Ltd & Graham Williamson X Factor Cars Southern Saloon Series, Club Promoter Graham Williamson recalls catching a glimpse of a flying Pierre, “It was a big crash and while Pierre was understandably shaken up, the fact he wasn’t hurt says a lot about the safety standards built into today’s speedway cars.”

Someone else who would agree with Graham on that score is Six Shooter driver Brayden Couper who walked away from a spectacular roll over after tangling with fellow ‘t’ (Cromwell contracted) driver Josh Buchanan.

Even the Production class was not immune from a night of what Mark Mexted described as ‘a battle of last man standing’. As a way of encouraging young people into speedway racing, Productions driver Whetu Taewa of ATD Building has several cars for people to have a go.  Although he had driven a Production before, on Saturday night it all went pear-shaped for young Brazilian Mauricio Tesche. He got out of shape, hit the wall and bounced back onto the track where he was t-boned in the passenger side. A master of the understatement, Whetu reports that the car needs a bit of work, adding that it’s lucky Mauricio is a mechanic at Winger Central Ltd.

Disregarding the incidents, Graham Williamson described Saturday night as a spectacular meeting with some tremendous racing for both drivers and spectators. “At the prize giving, the visiting Adult Ministocks drivers said how worthwhile it had been for them to have travelled from Greymouth, Christchurch and Dunedin to race at Heavy Trax Hire Central Motor Speedway. It was the same for out of town drivers competing in round one of the Southern Saloon Series. They too had great racing.”

Vertex Super Cup & War of the Wings Update

On Saturday night Cromwell ‘t’ drivers were well represented in Round 2 of the 2016-17 Vertex Super for Super Saloons at Woodford Glen and Round 3 of the Hydraulink War of the Wings in Nelson.

Out of 26 competitors in the Vertex Super Cup, and after 2 rounds, four ‘t’ driver are in the top 10 with Ray Stewart 2nd, Central Motor Speedway Club President Daryl Ainsley 4th, Peter Dickson 7th and Paul Wright 9th. Another ‘t’ driver Greig Johnson is  further down the points list. Although Super Saloons will be racing here in Cromwell at the Dec 30 and Jan 1 meetings, their big event for the season is the Mainfreight 2016-17 Super Saloon Champs. To date this has attracted 41 of the country’s top drivers. Be sure to diary Friday, Jan 6 and Saturday, Jan 7

After Round 3 of the War of the Wings, three ‘t’ drivers are in the top six with Jamie Duff 3rd (just 8 points adrift of leader Matt Honeywell), Jason Scott 5th and Sam O’Callaghan 6th. Round 4 is here at Heavy Trax Hire Central Motor Speedway on Friday, December 30.  







1st        Geoff Friend (11t)

2nd       Kelvin Lott (74t)

3rd        Shane Carson (44d)


1st        Jamie Duff (19t)

2nd       Sam O’Callaghan(49t)

Youth Ministocks

1st        Cody Finch (18d)

2nd=     Brad Evans(33t)/Lucas Eskine(91t)

3rd=      Jack Cleveland (5t)/Adam Evans(28t)

Driver of the night Lucas Erskine

Super Saloons

1st        Daryl Ainsley(5t)

2nd       Ray Stewart(34t)

3rd        Campbell McManaway(492i)   

Six Shooters

1st        Brody Cunningham (11t)

2nd       Gene Spooner (49c)

3rd        Josh Buchanan (43t)


1st=      Graham Williamson(21t)/Mike Verdoner(25t)

3rd        Pierre Leyser (349t)

Modified Sprints

1st        George Phillips (99i)

2nd       Courtney Jones (11c)

3rd        Ray Phillips (17i)



The hills may have been alive with the pitter-patter of rain, but down in the Cromwell Basin on Saturday night the weather was fine and the action hot on the clay of Heavy Trax Hire Central Motor Speedway.

If there was a ‘fast and furious’ award it would definitely go to former 1NZ Sprintcar ace Jamie Duff who at his first meeting as a Cromwell contracted driver blitzed the field in 19t to finish first in all three races including the 15 lap feature that during the closing laps saw Jason Smith climb the fence in spectacular style to complete a 360 loop before landing on all four tyres. Remarkably he walked away none the worse for wear and even his sprintcar didn’t look too badly damaged.

Asked why a high profile Western Springs and Canterbury contracted driver should choose Cromwell as his new home track, 26-year-old Jamie had no hesitation explaining that after Cromwell’s long standing hospitality and support of the Duff family it was time for them to return the support. In the early 1990’s Dad, Steve was a regular visitor from Christchurch to compete in sprintcar racing on the Cromwell track. Jamie’s younger brother, Steve Jnr, will also be a Cromwell contracted driver (15t) for the 2016-17 season.

Prior to Jason Smith tangling with Turn 2’s wall, the second heat of the Modified Sprints saw one of these screaming demons flip out. Again no damage to the driver but a heart-stopping moment for a good size crowd of enthusiastic fans. When it comes to exciting, close racing these midget sprintcars from Invercargill and Christchurch really know how to put on a great show.

Six-Shooter Twin Sisters

The well prepared track and a reasonably cool night contributed to fast racing across all classes including Six Shooters, Commodore-powered, wingless sprintcars that are not only one of the most affordable speedway classes but also one of the most family friendly. As spectators watched 28t tussling with 36t they may not have put together that this was a father and son battling with dad Sean Couper in 36t and so Brayden in 28t. Saturday night was the second only meeting for 17 year old twins Emma and Georgia Gordon in their Six Shooters 21i and 99i. Although Invercargill contracted drivers, through sprintcar dad Scott, the Gordon family are big supporters of the speedway track. Both girls came to six shooters through Youth Ministocks, their experience showing by the way they held their lines to allow more experienced drivers to race with confidence.

Families are also a big feature of competitors in the Youth Ministocks where on Saturday night former Central Motor Speedway president and champion sprintcar driver Andy Erskine saw his 13-year-old son in 91t get his first ever chequer flag a field that included the current NZ Champ Cody Finch in 18d from Dunedin. Not surprisingly Youth Ministock Driver of the Night went to Lucas. Brothers Adam and

Brad Evans came second and third equal while their dad Mark did well in the Sprintcars.

Daryl and his mojo

The super saloon field might have been small but that didn’t take away from some fantastic, wheel lifting, clay kicking driving, especially from Central Motor Speedway club president in 5t. Could it be that Daryl has rediscovered his racing mojo! With Cromwell’s speedway hosting the 2017 NZ Super Saloons Champs on Friday, January 6 and Sunday, January we certainly hope so. In a new Hypermac racecar now resplendent in new livery, Ray Stewart once again showed that age is no barrier to driving like a man possessed. 

For club promoter and saloon driver, Graham Williamson, Saturday night saw it all come together to finish the evening 1st equal with a hard charging Mike Verdoner. What Saloons lack in power compared with their big brother Super Saloons, they more than make up for with big fields and tight racing, so tight door and wheel rubbing is a feature of every lap. Just ask Lee Morris you crossed the line a little too close to another car and found himself embracing the wall. 

Production saloons turned out in big numbers to show that while nowhere near as fast as some classes they provide plenty of entertainment. It was great to see Sabrina ‘Pedal to the Metal’ Bain in her re-engined 12t giving the fellas a hurry up, going from 10th on the grid to second over the line in the feature race..

Round 1, Southern Saloon Series

The third of the 2016-17 season club meetings is on Saturday, December 3 where the big attraction is Round 1 of the Southern Saloon Series. An opportunity to witness the south Island’s best Saloon drivers gain value points in this four race series.



2016-17 Season Opener Race Results


1st        Ivan Murdoch (7t)

2nd       Barry Taylor (28t)

3rd        Pierre Lyser (349t)



1st        Geoff Friend (11t)

2nd       Damian Taylor (25t)

3rd        Whetu Taewa (99t)


Super Saloons

1st        Ray Stewart (34t)

2nd       Daryl Ainsley (5t)

3rd        Paul Wright (12t)


Cromwell’s Peter Dickson shows he’s the driver to watch

Peter Dickson, a name that won’t be forgotten by fans after Saturday night’s season opener at Heavy Trax Hire Central Motor Speedway. The second Super Saloon race of the night saw Peter in a brand new racecar he built with his Hypermac Racing boss Shane McIntyre slam down the gauntlet to last minute entry, current 1NZ Mark Osborne.

For 12 laps the pair were at loggerheads, the pace fast and furious, but not only did Peter beat Mark to the checkered flag, he also come within a nanosecond of breaking the track’s super saloon lap record. Unfortunately for both drivers, mechanical faults saw them as early withdrawals from the 15 lap feature race, honours going to Cromwell’s Ray Stewart (34t) in his brand new ‘Built in Cromwell’ Hypermac.

Watching Peter Dickson’s performance was for many a déjà vuexperience. At last year’s season opener, the then 26 year old former modified sprint champion started his first ever season in the Saloon Class by wheeling out a racecar he had self-built under Shane’s watchful eye. He immediately blitzed the field. Beginner’s luck? No way. Peter raced his way through the season to become Cromwell’s first ever Saloon 2NZ. During the 2015-16 season he also planted his driving shoe on to the accelerator of a Super Saloon competing in Paul Wright’s car in the 2015-16 Super Saloon title in Napier where he finished a creditable 7th

Although still current Saloon 2NZ, it came as no surprise when over winter Peter sold his Saloon to build and race a Super Saloon for the 2016-17 season. A further incentive for him moving to Super Saloons is the 2017 Super Saloon Title that on Jan 6 and 7 will be decided on Cromwell’s clay.    

Someone who couldn’t have been happier with Peter’s performance is team mate and mentor Paul Wright who with wife Debby is owner of Mainfreight Cromwell. Racing in the Mainfreight blue and white, Paul (12t) and Peter (11t) made a distinctive pair on the track. Maybe it’s having Peter as part of the team, Paul showed that this could be his season at the pointy end.

The next race for Cromwell Super Saloon ‘t’ drivers Peter Dickson, Paul Wright, Daryl Ainsley and Ray Stewart is Round 1 of the 2016-17 Vertex Super Cup on Invercargill’s Riverside Speedway on Friday, November 4. 

‘The Fastest Family Show on Earth’ delivered on Saturday night. Big time! There were a few moments of rusty driving among the 60 competitors racing, but overall all classes put on a great show.

Biggest disappointment in the Productions was for Sabrina Bain when her new car suffering a catastrophic engine failure.  New drivers to the class and a couple of visitors made this a great field to watch.


Of the 6 six shooters, three were newbies, not that it showed in the racing which was fast and close. Young Josh Buchannan confirmed that his family’s racing blood flows through his veins. After watching son Brayden race last season, Sean Couper took Ray Buchannan’s six Shooter for a run. Whether he will take the plunge is still up for debate. 

Always popular, the Sprintcars thrilled but didn’t spill.  Former Club Promotor Jason Scott showed he still had what it takes in his winged demon.

In the Saloons visiting drivers from Invercargill helped swell the field to 11. After some close, and at times hairy racing, Ivan Murdoch came away the night’s winner.

They’re the youngest drivers on the track, but that didn’t stop Ministock drivers aged between 12 – 16 showing considerable skill and maturity behind the wheel. A number of drivers and their parent crews came up from Dunedin to contribute to a good turnout of competitors.

With the season opener done and dusted, the next meeting is Saturday, November 12 where a big attraction will be a visiting swarm of Modified Sprints. With their 1000cc motorcycle engines, these midgetised Sprintcars are often called the ‘Winged Hornets of Speedway’. They don’t just sound fast, they have a real sting when it comes to speed, getting around the track just a few seconds slower that their big brother 900hp Sprintcars. Gates open at 4pm and racing starts at 6pm.





Youth Awards

 Leavers presentation                                 

Finn Cleveland

Brooke Helm

Bradley McTaggart


Most Improved                       Lucas Erskine

Most Consistent                      Bradley Evans

Best Presented                       Jack Cleveland

Stewards Choice Award           Lucas Erskine

Club Points                          

1                      Adam Evans

2                      Finn Cleveland

3                      Brad McTaggart

Club Champs                      

1                      Adam Evans

2                      Finn Cleveland

3 equal             Brad McTaggart, Jack Cleveland, Lucas Erskine


Club Points



1                      Geoff Friend

2                      Tim Jopson

3                      Flip How-Johns


Six Shooters                        

1                      Brody Cunningham

2                      Brayden Couper

3 equal             Raymond Buchanan, Corey McQuillan



1                      Graham Williamson

2 equal             Ivan Murdoch, Steve Robertson

3                      Peter Dickson


Super Saloons                    

1                      Ray Stewart

2                      Paul Wright

3                      Daryl Ainsley



1                      Andy Erskine

2                      Jason Scott

3                      Mark Evans


Club Champs



1                      Craig Carter

2                      Geoff Friend

3                      Damian Taylor


Six Shooters                         

1                      Peter Keith                88c

2                      Raymond Buchanan

3                      Gene Spooner          49c



1                      Craig Phillips

2                      Steve Robertson

3                      Ivan Murdoch


Super Saloons                    

1                      Kerry Dixon               25I

2                      Ray Stewart

3                      Mark Vincent



1                      Sam O’Callaghan

2                      Shaun Ashton

3                      Andy Erskine



Other Awards


Rookie of the Year                  Lucas Erskine


Most Improved Driver             Sam O’Callaghan


Roll Over Award                     Ivan Murdoch


Hard Luck Award                    Kelvin Lott


Best Presented Club Car                     Daryl Ainsley


Sports Person of the Year Award          Peter Dickson


President’s Choice Award                     Jason Scott

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