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2016 Good Friday (War of the Wings Final) & Easter Sunday(SS Stampede)

Hydraulink 2015/16 War of the Wings Title

First ever three-way tie for the title: Matt Honeywell (64c), Ray Baughan (95c), Allan Woods (28t)


2016 Super Saloon Stampede Title

Title Holder (2nd year) Mark ‘Fluffy’ Grocott (73c); 2nd Owen Dixon (95i), 3rd Ray Stewart (34t)


2016 Sprintcar King of Cromwell

Title holder: Jamie McDonald (71a); 2nd Jamie Duff (19t); 3rd Kris Gerard (75n)


2016 Easter Champs

Saloons: 1st Peter ‘Pistol Pete’ Dickson (2NZ); 2nd Peter ‘Duchy’ Schouten (72t); 3rd Steve ‘Dirt Brother’ Robertson

Super Saloons: 1st Mark Osborne (1NZ), 2nd Ray Stewart (34t); 3rd Daryl Ainsley (5t)

Sprintcars: 1st Raymond Buchanan (36t); 2nd Ben Smit (16c); 3rd Peter Keith (88c)

Productions: 1st Flip How-Johns (65t); 2nd Luke Oliver (68i); 3rd Wayne McKinley (49d)

Youth Ministocks: 1st Jacob Duncan; 2nd Adam Evans (23t); 3rd Finn Cleveland (7t)