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Waitangi Day Champs 2016

Sprintcars  1st equal Mark Evans (98t)/Andy Erskine (91t), 3rd Russell Jack     Saloons 1st Peter Dickson (2NZ), 2nd Steve Robertson (55t), 3rd Graham Williamson (21t)     Super Saloons 1st Ray Stewart (34t), 2nd Daryl Ainsley (5t), 3rd Paul Wright (12t)    Six Shooters 1st Raymond Buchanan (36t), 2nd Corey McQuillan (12t), 3rd Brayden Couper (28t)  Youth Ministocks Adam Evans (28t), 2nd Brad McTaggert (11t), 3rd Finn Cleveland (8t), Youth Ministock Driver of the Night Jack Cleveland (7t)  Productions 1st Tim Jopson (4t), 2nd Flip How-Johns (65t), 3rd Sabrina Bain (12t) ... a clean sweep for Subaru's.